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Here we discuss online earning we know that in this modern century all the people want to online earning especially teenage teen students earning  is a very large platform and it increases day by day it helps those people who work at home and earn money online the most ranking websites like Fiverr and Upwork this the most earning websites 

  • Fiver

56,7million people work on Fiverr as a freelancer 

The fiver offers digital services 300+categories working with Fiverr linearly your job easy everyday people from all over in the world visit the site and offer their services and proficiency. The process of finding the job of Fiverr’s plain fairly.

How much money can you make on Fiverr?

  • That depend on what field you are work in 

  • Many freelancers depend on their work they can easily make 1000$/2000$ per month

  • Upwork

In-demand talent on demand.™ Upwork is how.™

Freedom is work on making ideal projects. On Upwork, you can easily run your own business and choose the clients and projects whatever you want.

Upwork allows you to interview your clients, hire, and can work with freelancer agencies through this platform.

Can you make money on Upwork?

How can I be successful in Upwork?

  1. Respond to Everything Quickly 

  2. Make partnership with others

  3. Always create a new project for New Work 

  4. Try to keep your profile active

  5. Pick the correct niche 

  6. Explain your thinking what you want/ whatever you done

If your work is not good you aren't going to make money good on Upwork

Is Upwork better than Fiverr?

Upwork is a more suited place where your larger projects and works that requires specialist knowledge, On the other hand Fiverr, is the platform where you can find an easy and quick job with a very low budget 

  • 5 Disadvantages of Being a Freelancer

  1. You have to make the money more than your previously salary 

  2. You are responsible for finding the work on your own risk 

The Rules of making money

So here are a few rules to make money online. These rules saw likely the truth for everything to make money online.

First of all, all the people made money online by content creator through ads(Advertisement) or selling a writing itself as [book, article,blogg] 

We are looking here to earn money by Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer it might help you in making money online through these platforms 

You can earn money by writing articles for example; you can get paid to write articles for magazines, journals, and blogs.

These websites can help to make money

  • Online tutoring

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Freelancing

  • Virtual assistantship

  • Keyword research 

  • Starting your website 

  • youtube(monetize your youtube channel and start earning)

  • Content writing 

  • Blogging

  • Data Entry

  • Web designing

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