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Hi, welcome to my website. In this post, you can learn about the 4 best methods to make money online. So, let’s move to our topic.

  1. Sell the notes

If you have notes you can share with other students it is the best idea. There are many sites where you can upload your notes, with setting your price the student who downloads your pdf gets paid.

Here some sites for notes like Nexus Notes and docsity are free in your list but you can cut off your order in the handle to marketing for you. You have to promote your notes.

You will almost upload notes in pdf because it may be worth maybe returning and you can make money with this tip easily. You can make your website for notes. It is the best tip to sell your notes and your website also grows and you can also earn money with your site.

2.Sell Videos and Stories

If you are interested in making videos and stories then it’s helpful for you because it is not free it will help to make money you can make videos of football, cricket, etc. You can edit videos and pictures which you think can help me. You can make videos for the company for advertisement, sometimes someone hires you for editing videos and you edit videos that your client wants.

  • How can we sell stories for the money?  

  1. Publish your story and get starting pay.

  2. Send a short and unique summary of your story.

  • How can I sell videos for money?

  1. Find the perfect niche for your video what type of video you want.

  2. Customize your website.

  3. Decide on an easy payment structure.

  4. Plan the content for your video.

  5. Start to create your videos.

  6. Upload the videos on your site.

3.Watch Videos

If you think creating videos is too much harder than getting paid and watching online videos and getting paid this is the easiest way to make money, ever. If you think watching videos is increase your earnings as you won’t take the head over to the full list 

To make money online ways through these ways.

  • How can we earn money from watching videos?

  1. start watching videos for cash on Swagbucks.

  2. Want earn money by watching videos on inbox pounds.

  3. Try to write subtitles as a freelancer.

  4. Watch ads, a trailer of movies want more money on iRazoo.

  • Can we get paid for watching ads?

  • The app incentivizes the peoples by paying them to listen or watch the ads of brands. Every point is earned equal to 5% and some types of ads earn on different users.

4.Sell products on Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest retailers sites, with thousands of products currently listed on this site.

This is best if you have the opportunity to sell your own products or also work with the manufacturer who will also customize these products and drop ship to your buyers everywhere.

With this transportation, you will find your products selling well on Amazon and you have a source of cheap versions for these products. Then, you have an opportunity to add your own brand and re-sell your own products. It is the way to
make money
for the best business.

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